redpointe maple

Acer Rubrum

acer rubrum - redpointe maple
Acer rubrum, red maple varieties, are perfect urban landscaping trees. The RedPointe variety has deep green leaves during the spring and summer, which turns a brilliant bright red color in the fall. It has a balanced symmetrical shape which needs very little pruning. These trees are low maintenance.

Height: 40′ – 45′

Width: 25′ – 30′

Exposure: Full sun.

Fruit / Flower: Samaras.

Fall Color: Red.

Water: Keep well watered while young to establish a strong root system. Red maples like a moist soil. Mulch helps with moisture retention especially in the hot dry season, and will help with the soil drying out completely if watered regularly.

Fertilizer: Use a nitrogen rich fertilizer in spring.

Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring if required. Regular pruning keeps these trees in shape and can prevent major limb breakage.

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