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The Garden Center With Mulch More!

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm             Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm : Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Fresh 2022 stock has arrived. We have beautiful nursery plants for you. Lots of veggie seedlings and annuals on our shelves!

Our Azaleas and Rhododendron are blooming, and Magnolias are in full bloom…

Our carefully selected Japanese Maples have arrived! Fruit and specimen trees are ready for planting.

This years Evergreens are looking lush and vibrant.

We have tons of Bulk Landscape Material on hand – and can get it delivered to you within hours!

Looking for Summer employment opportunities at the Bumpkin? Stop in and apply!

Call us at 847-566-2176, or Contact Us for inquiries.

Country Bumpkin garden Center - May 2022

stop by for spring decor!

We have a great 2022 season garden center line up

Whether you are looking for trees, annuals, perennials, evergreens, shrubs and roses, vegetables and herbs, fruit trees, grasses, ground covers and more, we have the perfect selection for gardens both large and small. Explore all our nursery plants, you are bound to find the perfect plants for your space.

Our garden center is bursting at the seams with new stock. From gifts to growing pots, fountains, ornaments, gardening gear, rustic garden features and much more…

Our bulk landscape materials crew is raring to go. We carry an extensive range of dirt and mulches, bulk sand, and gravel. Our natural stone selection is sought after by many landscapers and gardeners. We offer a timely and courteous delivery service to fulfill all your requirements.

Happy gardening!

Country Bumpkin Garden Center Spring 2022
Country Bumpkin Garden Center Spring 2022
Country Bumpkin Garden Center ceramic pots
Country Bumpkin Garden center gifts near Mundelein,     Hawthorn Woods, Vernon Hills

featured new arrivals – available now!


Our hydrangeas are here! We have a terrific selection for 2022 – bigleaf (macrophylla), panicle (paniculata), smooth (arborescens), oakleaf (quercifolia), and climbing (petiolaris).

They come in all shapes and sizes; from super large bloom mopheads to delicate lacecap and a blend of both. Beautiful colors from white, pink, reds, green, lime and blue – tree form and shrub size.

If you are new to hydrangeas or looking to add to your collection, now is the time to plant them!

hydrangea - Country Bumpkin Nursery
panicle hydrangea - Country Bumpkin

in the garden…

Emerald Green Arborvitae 6′ to 8′ – NOW IN STOCK!

hydrangea macrophylla mophead

Are you planning to grow hydrangeas?

How to care for roses

How to care for roses?

Understanding garden soil

What soil is best for your garden?

April – Prepare for the season.

The forsythia is starting to bloom signaling the start of the new season.

Now is a good time to put down pre-emergent weed killer (available in our garden center) on your flower beds and borders – this will reduce weeding chores in the months ahead.

Cut back old and dead growth from last season’s perennials but avoid significant pruning – you don’t want to damage buds that are about to bloom. Remove damaged, diseased and deadwood.

As we move into consistently warmer days and the soil starts warming up you can start applying new mulch. If necessary, rejuvenate your soil before you apply new mulch.

For roses – as soon as you see tiny red buds forming, prune them back where required leaving 3 to 6 strong growing canes. Then apply their first seasonal feeding.

You can start planting your cool season annuals like snaps, violas, lobelias, and pansies.

You can plant trees, shrubs, and roses.

Now is a good time to aerate your lawn.

May – Time to plant.

Plant all the perennials you need. plant the warm season annuals after the last frost date.

Plant the summer blooming tubers, corms, and rhizomes.

Plant your veggie and edibles garden.

Continue to plant shrubs roses and trees.

Get mulch down if you haven’t done so already and start your general fertilizing program. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to your containers.

It’s time to weed and feed your lawn.