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get ready to grow – Join Us for a Green 2024 Garden Season!

Ready to get your hands dirty and have some fun? Join our Seasonal Planter Workshop and create a fresh arrangement for your home. Book early to reserve your spot!

Seasonal planter workshop 2024 - Country Bumpkin Garden Center

About the workshop…

Color is the magic that brings your spring containers to life. But with so many options, how do you achieve harmony? Our master planter designer, Lu, will guide you through the essential elements. From choosing dominant colors, and introducing complementary colors for contrast to analogous colors, those that naturally sit next to each other on the color wheel… Lu will show you how to find a balance that sings, not screams.

Choosing fillers, thrillers and spillers;

Thriller – The tallest element is like the lead singer stealing the spotlight. Whether you choose bold textures or vibrant blooms, the thriller sets the tone for the entire show!

Filler – The supporting act. These workhorses fill the container, providing a lush backdrop for your star. Here, contrast is key!

Spiller – The graceful dancers cascading over the container’s rim and softening its edges. Spillers add movement and whimsy, drawing the eye down and completing the overall story of your container garden.

Lu will also demonstrate how to plant your containers and care for them ensuring you have a spectacular show all season long.

Call now to book your spot!


seasonal container workshop at The Country Bumpkin Garden Center

Guests having fun at our last Bumpkin Seasonal Planter Workshop (December 2023), under the expert guidance of Lu (bottom left).  The results were fantastic and we look forward to welcoming them back in spring!

are you looking for custom landscape and design services this season?

no matter how big or small, we can help transform your space.
pre-season is a great time to plan – call us to discuss a free initial consultation at the country bumpkin!
garden center custom landscape design
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Custom landscape drainage solutions - Country Bumpkin Garden Center

Hey there, plant lovers!

At The Country Bumpkin, we’re known for having everything you need to make your green thumb thrive, from tasty veggies to vibrant blooms. This year, we’re extra excited to unveil some brand new additions to our 2024 lineup!

Get ready to discover:

Delicious new vegetable seedlings that will tantalize your taste buds and keep your kitchen garden overflowing.
Dazzling spring and summer annuals in every color imaginable, to add a burst of sunshine to your outdoor space.
Stunning shrubs and perennials that will bring color and life to your garden year after year, with minimal maintenance required.
Majestic trees that will provide shade, beauty, and a touch of magic for generations to come.

New plants for 2024!

Explore our latest selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting new varieties we’ll have in stock;

Country Bumpkin Garden Center Gift Card

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’: A slender shrub adorned with vibrant orange foliage, adding a fiery accent to any landscape.

Comptonia peregrina: A resilient shrub with delicate, fern-like leaves, offering a subtle charm reminiscent of wild woodland.

Cornus ‘Chblzam’ Chief Bloodgood: A commanding dogwood variety, distinguished by its deep red foliage, evoking a regal presence in gardens.

Euonymus ‘Pipzam’ Pipsqueak: A petite shrub with variegated leaves, lending a whimsical touch to garden borders or containers.

Thuja ‘Elegantissima’: A graceful evergreen tree featuring feathery foliage with cream-colored accents, adding elegance to any setting.

Weigela ‘Lemiczam’ Lemon Ice: A refreshing shrub boasting lemon-hued leaves amidst creamy blooms, brightening up garden spaces.

Dwarf Ornamental Peach Tree: A compact peach tree adorned with delicate blossoms, perfect for small gardens or ornamental focal points.

Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum: A majestic tree showcasing glossy green foliage turning scarlet in autumn, offering striking seasonal interest.

Kentucky Coffee Tree: A sturdy tree with bold, compound leaves and distinctive seed pods, embodying the rugged beauty of the American Midwest.

Sunburst magnolia: A radiant magnolia variety featuring golden-yellow blossoms against dark green foliage, illuminating spring landscapes.

American sycamore: A grand shade tree with mottled bark and large, lobed leaves, symbolizing resilience and enduring beauty in North American landscapes.


We stock a large selection of garden and gardening supplies. Our center caters to both seasoned gardeners and curious newcomers. We have a range of grass seeds perfect for local climates, fertilizer to nourish every plant, and insecticides to tackle common garden foes. Equip yourself with essential garden tools – from hand trowels, spades and more – to tackle any task.

We go beyond the basics. Enhance your outdoor space with our collection of statuary and fountains, adding character and tranquility. Relax in style on comfy chairs and benches, listening to the soothing melodies of wind chimes. We haven’t forgotten the young sprouts! Explore our dedicated fun zone for kids, packed with engaging tools and toys to ignite their passion for greenery.

Come visit us and discover everything you need to cultivate your dream garden. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you in finding the perfect products and sharing expert advice. Let’s make your gardening journey flourish!

Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Water fountains.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Pots and containers.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Copper planters.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Gardening tools.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Garden statuary and decorations. Garden dragon.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Garden decorations. Gnomes.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Metal flowers. Wind chimes.
Country Bumpkin Garden Center - Spring 2024. Garden chairs, garden benches.