nursery plants

At the start of every growing season, Country Bumpkin offers a large range of nursery stock sourced from top quality growers for gardens both large and small. Annuals, perennials, shrubs, evergreens, trees, vegetables and more. The nursery plant selection caters for novice gardeners to discerning enthusiasts. Our plants are generally suited for Zone 5 conditions.

Tree line - Country Bumpkin Tree Nursery

country bumpkin trees

We have an interesting and large selection of tree varieties – carefully chosen for all aspects of the garden and landscape.

Nursery plants - Country Bumpkin annuals

annual nursery plants

Find the perfect annuals for your garden. We have a large range of sun and semi shade plants to choose from.

Perennials - Nursery Plants


We carefully select our perennials providing you with a wide range of choices for your garden and landscape.

Color your world!

Fruit trees - Country Bumpkin Nursery

fruit trees, plants and vines

Grow your own fruit!

Nothing beats the sheer joy of picking your own fresh seasonal fruit. They help us sustain a healthy ecosystem and encourage our local wildlife to flourish. And…they just look great in the garden.

Country Bumpkin Plant Nursery Mundelein Evergreens


Looking for an interesting selection of evergreens and nursery plants for your garden? Every season we select evergreen favorites and some unusual varieties to add something different for your gardening space.

Shrubs and Roses

shrubs and roses

Our selection of deciduous shrubs and roses are sure to blend beautifully with your annuals, evergreens and trees.

Vegetables and Herbs - Country Bumpkin

vegetables and herbs

We have over 150 early season vegetable and herb varieties to choose from. Perfect for pots, planters and vegetable garden beds.