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Grade 8 – Crushed Limestone

Grade 9 – Crushed Granite

#6 Washed Stone

#8 Round Stone

CA7 3/4″ Limestone Chip

CA16 3/8″ Limestone Chip

Pea Gravel

Limestone Screenings

Torpedo Sand

Bagged – 50lbs

Play Sand

Pea Gravel

Limestone Screening

Grade 8 Limestone

CA7 Limestone

Natural Stone

Cobblestone Boulders

Fond du lac Flag Stone

Fond du lac Cut Drywall

Fon du lac Edgers

Speciality Flag Stone


How to use gravel in your garden

Gravel is a versatile and essential landscape material. Its durability makes it affordable and lasting. Gravel can be used for patios and pathways, water runoff management and drainage, water features, driveways, fire pits, erosion control, mulch and more…

As a Mulch

Use no more than a one-inch layer of stone as a mulch alternative. Using #6 washed stone, #8 round stone or even pea gravel would work. For example, pea gravel looks great as a mulch around delicate succulents or in a succulent bed. Using gravel as a mulch gives a clean and durable look.

For Water Features

Water features with stone and gravel are synonymous. By blending stone and flagstone with your water feature you can really get an outstanding look. Combine different colors of stone – observe how the water flows over the stone and changes color hues. Add plants and potted plants to complete the look.

Erosion Control and Drainage

To control water runoff on sloped walkways or garden beds, consider using crushed gravel that have more angular edges – this will help holding the soil particles in place. For drainage areas particularly with large trenches, gravel combined with large river stones looks great especially interspersed with perennials and ground covers.

Patios and Fire Pits

For patios and fire pit areas, gravel is an outstanding flooring material. It will last for years and years and maintain its natural good look. Not only will the gravel act as a permeable drainage surface, but its uniform look will also add visual appeal to the area. Gravel is a safe option to surround fire pits in case of a stray spark.

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