italian plum

Prunus Domestica

Italian plum tree
Italian plum has a medium sized purplish black fruit. They are great to eat fresh or used for canning or drying. Their high sugar content makes them possible to sun dry without pitting.

Expect the first crop of plums about five years after planting. These fruit trees are self-fertile.

Height: 15′ – 20′

Width: 15′ – 30′

Exposure: Full sun.

Watering and soil: Moist, well drained rich soil. Apply an even layer of mulch over the soil avoiding it piling up the trunk in ‘volcano’ fashion.

Fertilizer: Use a well balanced fertilizer or slow release formula.

Pruning: It is especially important to train plum trees when young. With careful pruning at their early stages, they will require only light maintenance pruning as they mature.

When the tree is about two years old reduce to three or four well-spaced branches to maintain an open sun filled structure. Good air circulation around the branches is particularly important.

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