Fine Line Buckthorn (non invasive)

Fine Line Buckthorn ‘ Ron Williams’ – Rhamus frangula

Fine Line Buckthorn 'Ron Williams' - Rhamus frangula

A Versatile and Non-invasive Shrub for your Garden

Fine Line Buckthorn, also known as Rhamnus frangula ‘Ron Williams’, is a unique cultivar of the European Buckthorn shrub. This adaptable plant boasts a fascinating heritage, being a hybrid of the cultivars R. frangula ‘Aspleniifolia’ and ‘Columnaris’. It combines the fern-like foliage of ‘Aspleniifolia’ with the slender, upright form of ‘Columnaris’, creating a visual masterpiece for your garden. While native to regions of Europe and western Asia, it has become widely cultivated across North America for its ornamental appeal, ease of care, and non-invasive nature.

Unlike other Buckthorn varieties known for their aggressive spread, Fine Line Buckthorn produces very few fruit, and among those, only a tiny fraction (2%) are even viable. This makes it a responsible choice for gardeners concerned about invasive plants and ecological balance.

When paired with other plants, Fine Line Buckthorn creates stunning visual contrasts. Consider low-growing perennials like lavender or sedum that complement its airy texture. For vibrant color combinations, plant it alongside flowering shrubs like potentilla or hydrangea. Taller perennials like Russian sage or ornamental grasses can also add depth and interest to the planting.
Key Characteristics and Care Guidelines:


Height; 5′ -7′

Spread: 2′ -3′

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Flowers: Inconspicuous greenish flowers.

Fruits: Purple-black berries (poisonous).

Fall Color: Bright yellow.

Watering: Water when top 2 inches of soil dry. Dry tolerant when established.

Fertilizer: Light application of balanced fertilizer in spring.

Pruning: Prune lightly in late winter or early spring to maintain shape.

Remember, although beautiful, the berries of Fine Line Buckthorn are considered toxic if ingested. It’s best to plant it in areas inaccessible to children and pets. With its simple care requirements, captivating features, and non-invasive nature, this versatile shrub can enhance your garden responsibly for years to come.

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