apple cortland

Semi Dwarf Apple

Cortland apples
This cultivar has a spectacular profusion of fragrant, pure white flowers mid spring. They attract birds and pollinators. If the trees have been pruned correctly, by fall you can expect a heavy crop of yellow green apples. The apples are tender, tart and sweet. Perfect for eating, snacking, and using in salads. This grafted fruit tree cultivar grows to a height of about 12 to 15 feet.

Although this cultivar is self-fruitful, it will produce a better crop if cross pollinated with another variety with the same bloom period. Granny Smith, and Braeburn would work well.

Height: 12′ – 15′

Width: 12′ – 15′

Exposure: Full sun.

Watering and soil: Moist, well drained soil – loam, clay or sand. Water well while establishing.

Fertilizer: Use a well balanced fruit formula.

Pruning: Prune every season to for an optimal crop. Best practice is to make sure a lot of sunlight and airflow reaches each branch.

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