amelanchier grandiflora

Autumn Brilliance Apple Serviceberry

Amelanchier - Serviceberry
The Amelanchier grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ is a serviceberry hybrid. They have heavy stems with white blossoms in the spring. Their leaves turn red in the fall. The blossoms give way to small edible purplish black fruit. It’s a smallish deciduous tree that can work as a specimen tree and design focal point.

Height: 20′ – 25′

Width: 15′ – 20′

Exposure: Full sun to part shade (4 hours sun minimum). Planting in full sun will keep them less susceptible to disease problems.

Fruit / Flower: Red-purple pome.

Fall Color: Red.

Water: Keep well watered while to establish. Somewhat drought tolerant thereafter – water if very dry.

Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 in spring.

Pruning: Prune for a good branch structure especially when young. They are typically multi-stemmed but can be trained as a single stem.

Prune the root suckers as they appear each year to keep only the desired main stems.

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