Weeping Juniper Tolleson

Juniperus Scopulorum ‘Tolleson Weeping’

Weeping juniper Tolleson
These evergreens are unusual accent shrubs with pendulous branches and soft textured bluish green foliage which droop from the branches. Their multi-stemmed graceful weeping branches certainly make them a landscape feature. They have a distinctive bark and produce silvery blue berries. They are low maintenance and require little pruning, which is best done in late winter.
It’s a maintenance free plant requiring little to no pruning.

Height: 12′ – 15′

Width: 10′ – 12′

Watering and soil: Moist well drained soil to establish. Tolerates dry soil and must not get waterlogged.

Exposure: Full sun.

Category: Evergreens – Weeping Juniper Tolleson – Juniperus