Bald Cypress

taxodium bald cypress tree trunk
The bald cypress, Taxodium, is a deciduous conifer that sheds its needles in the late autumn. It is a native tree most often associated with southern swamps but has certainly found its place in our urban landscapes. These elegant trees are pyramidal to conical in shape with horizontal branches.

They are carefree trees that look great at pond edges or wet sites, though they can tolerate drought too.

Carefully plan the location site given that they are large tall trees.

Height: 50′ – 80′

Width: 20′ – 30′

Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Fruit / Flower: Cones.

Fall Color: Yellow-green.

Water: Moist well drained soil works best. It will tolerate dry conditions after establishment.

Fertilizer: Fertilizing is generally not required. A slow release fertilizer can be applied in spring if the tree is planted in a dry spot.

Pruning: Not required except to remove the occasional dead branch.

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