stonecrop - sedum
Stonecrop, sedum succulents, are popular perennials in our area – they come in a wide variety of shape colors and form. Generally, the genus is divided into low growing and upright categories. They are a very low maintenance plant, and forget, perennial. They do best with at least six hours of direct sunlight but can tolerate partial or dappled shade.

Flowers summer and fall.

Height: 6″ – 24″

Width: 12″ – 24″

Watering and soil: Water to establish. Average to dry well drained soil. Drought tolerant.

Exposure: Full sun (6 hours).

Varieties: Teacup, Autumn Delite, Dazzleberry, Dragons Blood, Ellacombianum, Firecracker, Kamschaticum, Lime Twister, Lime Zinger, Plum Perfect, Rockstar, Thunder Cloud, Thunder Head, Wildfire.

Image: Sedum ‘Carl’

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