quercus rubra

Red Oak

Quercus rubra - Red Oak
These majestic oak trees, native to the East Coast of North America, can live for hundreds of years. They grow large and are not for small yards. Once established, they require little care and maintenance. For oaks, never lay more than an inch of soil over its roots. They will be happiest in a rich well-drained somewhat acidic soil, though not essential.

Height: 50′ – 75′

Width: 50′ – 75′

Exposure: Full sun.

Fruit / Flower: Catkin / acorn.

Fall Color: Red.

Water: Keep well moist to establish for the first few years. Once established, these trees don’t need extra watering as they are fairly drought tolerant.

Fertilizer: Not a heavy feeder. Use a slow release fertilizer once a year to establish if desired.

Pruning: Little pruning is required other than corrective pruning to remove the odd dead, damaged or crossing branch. Let the leader establish and grow – never top it off!

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