peach redhaven

Prunus Persica ‘Redhaven’

Redhaven peach tree
Redhaven is a fast-growing peach tree reaching a mature height of about 15 feet. They have beautiful pink blossoms in mid spring, followed by a heavy crop of freestone, medium sized yellow red fruits. The leaves turn deep yellow in fall.
Redhaven is a self-pollinating tree forming a rounded crown.

Height: 12′ – 15′

Width: 12′ – 15′

Exposure: Full sun is best.

Watering and soil: Moist, well drained soil – loam or sand. Water well while establishing.

Fertilizer: Use a well balanced fertilizer or slow release formula.

Pruning: Peaches do require annual pruning to keep them healthy, strong, and bountiful. They are excellent fruit trees for espalier training too. To receive maximum sunlight and good air circulation, train these trees to an open center shape. Be sure to remove all rootstock suckers, dead and non-fruiting wood.

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