mount saint helens plum

Prunus Cerasifera ‘Frankthrees’

Mount Saint Helens plum
Mount Saint Helens plum has a straight growing trunk with vigorous early spring growth. The leaves are a rich purple in color and the flowers are light pink. The tree will reach about 20 feet at maturity – its rounded characteristic will give it a similar width.

This tree is essentially known for its aesthetic beauty and will produce plums midsummer.

Height: 10′ – 20′

Width: 10′ – 20′

Exposure: Full sun.

Watering and soil: Moist, well drained rich soil. Apply an even layer of mulch over the soil avoiding it piling up the trunk in ‘volcano’ fashion.

Fertilizer: Use a well balanced fertilizer or slow release formula.

Pruning: It is especially important to train plum trees when young. With careful pruning at their early stages, they will require only light maintenance pruning as they mature.

Image: AnRo0002, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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