Maidenhair Tree Jade Butterflies

Ginko Biloba – Dwarf

Maidenhair tree Jade Butterflies

Maidenhair tree Jade Butterflies is a dwarf ginkgo variety growing to about 12 feet. It’s a low maintenance, easy to grow tree, preferring moist, sandy soils – it is tolerant of compacted soils. This tough tree adapts well to most urban environments. It has a spreading vase shaped habit.

This variety is a slow growing male tree.

Height: 8′ – 12′

Width: 3′ – 9′

Exposure: Full sun.

Fruit / Flower: Tan seeds on female trees. Only male trees are sold as nursery stock.

Fall Color: Yellow.

Water: Regular watering for the first 2 years to establish the root system is important.

Fertilizer: Use a general fertilizer once a year just before new growth. Mature trees do not need feeding.

Pruning: Make sure the tree is dormant before pruning. The best time is in late fall, winter, or early spring. This gingko has an upright vase shaped habit – any pruning is usually light to keep it in shape.

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