japanese maple nigrum – weeping

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Nigrum

Japanese maple dissectum weeping nigrum
The Nigrum weeping maple is a slow growing, small laceleaf variety. Early leaf growth develops into a deep maroon turning to a bronze-red to a green-red color. Fall color is a scarlet red. It’s an excellent specimen plant in beds, containers, and small yards.

Height: 4′ – 5′.

Width: 5′ – 6′

Exposure: Morning sun to part shade (protect from hot afternoon sun).

Fall Color: Scarlet-red.

Water: Water regularly in rich well drained soil. Use mulch for moisture retention. Do not let them dry out especially while the tree is being established.

Fertilizer: Use a slow release fertilizer. Be careful not to over-fertilize resulting in burned-out shriveled leaves.

Pruning: Prune lightly to shape, removing crossed and rubbing branches. Excessive pruning, especially in the summer heat, can damage the branches.

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