european beech

Fagus Sylvatica ‘Riversii’

European beech tree - Fagus sylvatica
European Beech is a large deciduous specimen tree with a broad, dense crown. Beautiful large leaves up to five inches long. Emerged deep purple in spring. Fading to purple-green in summer before turning copper in the fall. The tree has a smooth, pale grey bark.

Height: 50′ – 60′

Width: 50′ – 60′

Exposure: Full sun.

Fruit / Flower: Nutlett / catkins.

Fall Color: Copper.

Water: Regular watering for the first 2 years to establish root system. Plant in a rich well drained soil – avoid wet poorly drained soils.

Fertilizer: Use a general fertilizer once a year just before new growth.

Pruning: Best done in the dormant period – late winter.

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