dawn redwood trees

Metasequoia Glyptostroboides

Dawn Redwood
The Dawn Redwood is a tall, deciduous conifer with a pyramidal shape. It has a beautiful red bark and apricot brown fall color. They are suitable as zone 5a trees. They have fern-like bipinnate compound leaves and maintain an emerald-green foliage throughout the season. Their fine and delicate texture make them good specimen plants. Height: 70′ – 90′ Width: 20′ – 30′ Exposure: Full sun. Fruit / Flower: Not significant. Fall Color: Apricot-Brown. Water: Keep moist to establish (2 years). Once established, these trees don’t need extra watering as they are fairly drought tolerant. They can take fairly wet conditions but a well drained soil is always best. Apply mulch around the root zone. Fertilizer: Use a general fertilizer once a year just before new growth, although this is not necessary. Pruning: Generalized pruning is best done in late winter. Prune away branches that are crossed.

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