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blueberry bluecrop

Vaccinium Corybosum ‘Bluecrop’

Blueberry Bluecrop shrubs - Country Bumpkin Garden Nursery

Blueberry Bluecrop is a bushy, upright deciduous shrub growing to about 6 to 8 feet. Creamy white flower clusters produce light blue berries, which ripen in midsummer. The fruit is great for preserves, baking, freezing, or eating fresh. Birds and wildlife love them too. Blueberries do best if they are cross pollinated with more than one variety that has the same bloom time.

It is important to plant blueberries in an acidic soil with a pH of between 4 and 5. They will not perform well with a high pH.

Height: 6′ -8′

Width: 6′ – 8′

Exposure: Full sun is best.

Watering and soil: Moist, well drained acidic soil is essential. To lower your soil PH to 4 and 5 use regular sulfur applications working the granules into the soil. Ideally, do this three months before new planting.

Fertilizer: Use a well balanced fertilizer or slow release formula.

Pruning: Start pruning after the third year in late winter or very early spring.

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