autumn blaze maple

Acer Freemanii – ‘Jeffersred’ – Autumn Blaze Maple

Acer Autumn Blaze Maple

Acer × freemanii ‘Jeffersred’, commonly known as Autumn Blaze Maple, is a hybrid tree resulting from the cross between red maple (*Acer rubrum*) and silver maple (*Acer saccharinum*). This deciduous tree combines the best features of both parents: solid structure, attractive form, and showy fall color. It graces landscapes with its ascending branches and dense, broad-oval crown. The medium green leaves are deeply cut into five pointed lobes. In autumn, the foliage transforms into a blaze of orange-red to scarlet-red hues. While flowers and fruit are sparse, the striking fall color compensates for it

Height: Typically grows 40-55 feet tall.

Width: 30-40 feet wide.

Light Exposure: Prefers full sun to part shade.

Fruit and Flower Type: Sparse flowers; leaves turn brilliant orange-red to scarlet-red in fall.

Fall Color: The foliage undergoes a stunning transformation in mid-autumn.

Watering Requirements: Requires medium to wet soils with good drainage.

Fertilization: Regular fertilization benefits this fast-growing maple.

Pruning: Annual pruning ensures optimal growth and form.

Consider planting alongside other trees or ornamental shrubs. Its vibrant fall color makes it an excellent specimen for lawns, streets, or parks. Keep an eye out for potential pests such as leafhoppers and scale to maintain its health and vigor.

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