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aspen summer shimmer – quaking single

Populus tremuloides – Aspen

Aspen summer shimmer trees

Aspen Quaking Single and Aspen Summer Shimmer are both cultivars of the Quaking Aspen tree (Populus tremuloides), but they have some key differences:

Leaf Color:

Quaking Single – Has the typical Quaking Aspen leaf color, which is green on top and pale yellow underneath.

Summer Shimmer – Has two-toned leaves that are green on top with a silvery-gray shimmer on the underside, hence the name “Summer Shimmer.” This creates a more dazzling and visually interesting effect.


Quaking Single – Suckers heavily, meaning it sends up shoots from its roots that can spread and become invasive. This can be a problem in smaller landscapes.

Summer Shimmer – Suckers significantly less than the standard Quaking Aspen, making it a better choice for smaller landscapes or where suckering is a concern.

Growth Habit:

Quaking Single – Has a typical Quaking Aspen growth habit, which is upright and columnar when young, maturing to a rounded crown.

Summer Shimmer – Also has a pyramidal shape when young, but it tends to become more rounded with maturity than the Quaking Single.

Other Differences:

Summer Shimmer – May have slightly better disease resistance than the Quaking Single.

Summer Shimmer – Is generally more expensive than the Quaking Single.


All about Populus tremuloides

Aspen, or Populus tremuloides, is a captivating deciduous tree renowned for its shimmering leaves and vibrant fall foliage. This North American native holds the title of the most widely distributed tree species on the continent, flourishing from Alaska to Mexico and eastward across Canada.

As a pioneer species, aspens often thrive in disturbed areas, forming vast clonal colonies through their interconnected root systems. This remarkable characteristic allows them to quickly revegetate landscapes after fires, landslides, or logging. When paired with other sun-loving species like penstemons, coneflowers, and yarrow, they create dynamic meadows buzzing with life.

Growing Guide for Populus tremuloides

Height: 20 – 50 ft (6-15 m)

Width: 10 – 30 ft (3-9 m)

*Light: Full sun

Fruit/Flower: Catkins (not showy)

Fall Color: Golden yellow (rarely red)

Watering: Moderate, needs well-drained soil

Fertilizer: Low to moderate needs

Pruning: Prune lightly in late winter to remove dead or diseased branches

While aspens aren’t known for their showy flowers, their ecological significance, captivating dance in the breeze, and stunning fall display make them a worthy addition to any landscape seeking a touch of wild beauty and resilience.

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Populus - Quaking aspen
James St. John, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons